On the road of Fear~


Reflections of Fires in my eyes that don’t see

Voices of crying in pain for many different reasons

Wars have been announced,people are dying

Others are singing and dancing..cheers! then tears,are lying

Guns pointed to heads and bullets in bodies

fear is the new resident of hearts and hope expelled, slowly leaving ..leaving ..leaving

Can someone hold it?

How Can we blame God for what we do? How can we say God destroys while the controller of bombs in our hands that is full of blood.

Blood of Justice,Blood of Hope,Blood of Courage ..the blood of our own voices screaming to get out of our throats to be free of fear and abusing

It’s not God’s fault,It’s Us humans faults ..between Tyrants all what they want is destroying to lead and cowards, Covered their eyes,ears and cut their tongues …..Maybe,Just maybe a new baby will be born and when he comes,he will bring back hopes to hearts and fear will be the only thing destroyed….The problem isn’t you,Fear cuz nothing wrong with being afraid…but courage is to continue what you started however you are afraid.

One day we want to say..Once upon a time love ruled by the Justice side and all people got their rights to be humans~




Fair Heart~



Whenever I feel sad,I smile ….Till I feel happy again

but then,it’s a matter of time before sadness attacks again! So,I feel sad but I smile to all just to make myself feel better.

Once I felt sad but this time,I didn’t smile..I cried and cried and cried till I fell asleep

And when I waked up,It was already the new  morning,I realized that,this day passed!

so this time I laughed ^.^

Letter to the unknown~ (poem)



With a kiss and a smile..I say Goodbye

Can’t help but have..tears in my eye

Taken away..to the unknown…hopes and prayers for a new dawn

and when the morning come and then shows the sun

I’ll miss you my dear..no matter how far away you are

Take away that pain in my heart with you…it’s hard,it’s cruel to bear it too

and when I cry and cry,I’ll still sing for you..not because I’m happy but,it reminds me of you

Be safe wherever you are and stay strong there,till we meet again,till we meet again~

The sounds of little laughs~



Free your soul,let it see what can’t be seen

Turn some tears to a smile with a little kiss or a beautiful flower

Because the richest people in the world are those who know how to love

See everything whenever you want..draw a new pictures and give it titles..treat life as if it was your great theater and you are the main character.

Enjoy every minute of your life cuz once it leaves,it won’t be back again!