Heart whispers



In my heart something I want to say,
I want you to know it but Pretend you don’t
Not to be cold
But to love while enjoying the silence of words when hearts speak
And the little smiles after a stolen peek
Let love grow and mature
and that’s when words
Find the way out~


Case Dismissed( in a conversation with myself)




Silence,in the attendance of Justice
And fair is all in the air
Do you have something to say?
Say it now if you dare!

Standing in front of yourself
With your tongue,The lawyer
Your heart is the victim
The witnesses are your senses
Judged by your mind,
In a Case Claimed by conscience

Do the hearts lie?
Why do we do,what we do?
Who is truly the foe?
How much pain do we have to suffer?
How many times was your heart broken?
Why whenever I speak,you never listen?
why,why and whys?

Ladies and gentlemen,
Do we know what’s in people heads?
Can we expect what’s coming tomorrow?
We must live life if we want to survive
and the pain is only a matter of time before we mature!

Objection!! Your honor
Tongue is playing with words

Denied!please continue!

Whenever you speak,Heart
My client listens
with a tired ears
Added some fears
of what might come .

It needs courage to do
what we have to do
And we all are cowards
Just in a different hours,
of the day

Some fear to say
Some fear to speak
Some,doesn’t really know,
what they seek!
But we all,
Have to fall
To learn how to stand up again

My Clint might seem guilty
But this is reality
What we are talking about

Call the witnesses!!

First eyes
That always cries
In the middle of the night

Then Ears
That know and hears
What’s wrong and what’s right

Do we have to bring nose
or hands that cause
So many troubles
What do you have to say this time?
Do you admit your crime?
Or yet afraid to speak?

Your honor,I’m a criminal
Every time I failed myself
I’m a Criminal,
When I put what’s right on shelf
I’m a criminal,
When I cause pain
or drive me insane
With all what I do!

I confess,
I’m guilty
In front of you

My only fault
Is that I’m weak
Once wished to be strong,

But,never tried again

Do you forgive me?
Or you don’t?
Either way,
It’s not what I want

I know,what I desire
What causes me tire
like playing with fire
I wish one day,

I’ll be able to forgive myself
and live.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I rest my case
In that hard race
known as life!

The Green Dress~



It all started with a dress,that was in the color of green

All people was yelling,she must wear the green dress,everything she wishes will only come when she wears the green dress.

She took it and throw it away…where is the green dress?? all asked..Find the green dress!! There was no use..the more she calls,nobody listens..the more she speaks,her voice isn’t heard

It was time to escape!..Escape everything before finding the lost green dress….Escape before she find herself having to wear it.

WE FOUND THE GREEN DRESS!! somebody yelled

All she did was racing herself to that far door..running! is it further than usual?? or her feet doesn’t really move?

Somebody helped her and showed her a way out…she ran towards it and turned to say thanks with a smile…and continued running..

Why is she running? till when she will keep escaping?..to places,she doesn’t even know!..slowly her steps became heavier and the running turned to walking and walking became steady that she stood at the middle of nowhere..but,she expected it

she stood to watch the nowhere…as wide as everything yet it contains nothing…the green dress find it’s way to her,coming flying to land in her arms and voices from behind,telling her to wear it ..she decided to make a decision while they waited for her outside to wear the dress….She came out in a blue dress,putting the green one in a box of presents and handed it to them with a smile …

And they noticed a small piece of paper with the dress …it said..”Thank you” ….while she walked away happily,enjoying her freedom in a blue dress~



Only Human song by k..Eng lyrics



On the other shore of sadness,
It is said that there is a smile,

On the other shore of sadness,
It is said that there is a smile,
Finally we arrived.
But what are we waiting for?

The purpose is not to run away,
It’s to chase after dreams
We should have gone out to travel
On that summer day so long ago

In a place worn down by sadness
something called a miracle, is waiting
Yet we are still searching
for the sunflower that grows at the end of spring

The warrior who awaits the morning light
before he can clasp it with red nails,
his tears glitter and fall

Even if we’ve grown used to loneliness
only relying on the light of the moon
We have to fly away with featherless wing
just go forward, just a little further

Even tomorrow, if you see it
Though there isn’t a sigh either.
Like a ship going against the current flow.
Right now, go forward, move ahead.

Even if it cuts through the rain and clouds,
The wet roads shine,
Only the dark will teach,
A stronger and stronger light,
Be strong, go forward, move ahead.

In Happiness and Sadness



Sadness and Happiness

The double faces of Life coin…Once one of them shown,the other is hidden,and a matter of time before it appears again

Without happiness,we wouldn’t know sadness and without sadness,we wouldn’t know happiness and you can’t be happy for the rest of your life for it will make you bored…bored of life and bored of unchangeable self ..Cuz hard times,create you and drew your outline once then again and again and again.

The more we fall,the more we know how to stand up again..the more wounds we get,the less pain we get to feel and wild hearts never broken

It’s like we learn life rules,Using the hard way,Maybe! Some people never realize that and others do realize it and others were born with the ability to how to deal with it…..sometimes we just panic and that’s our human nature

Learn to stay strong..in happiness and in sadness and whatever happens..always remember that..they are a two faces for one coin..depends on which face it falls you play your game!

#Thoughts on life