Begone!, Dear Night,
Your weeping is tiring me.
The more you cry, the older I get
For how long you will be set?
I ‘ll wait and see

Begone! or I run to somewhere new
To a place where there is only you
And just a sight, for me with a light
Walk after me!, I won’t turn to look
Though, I know you’re always there
Is this fair!.. for you or me?
The answer is thee
Only you could tell

Begone! Just begone!
and when you come back, I promise
You will meet a new one
who will have my face,
Just in case!…. you didn’t knew….

It’s Me!


(The Tender Desertion) What lies behind difference~


Hearts! Have a great ability when it comes to choosing people. Leave minds wondering, asking and desiring to know, why those people? , What’s so special about them? And when you try to leave, heart gets attached more..So,what should we do when those chosen ones are the same reason for our sadness! They don’t understand us or maybe we can’t understand them! It’s hard to know who’s fault is it but actions speak louder….I wondered! What my actions should say then?

First, I broke my silence..I spoke to them about my point of views and how I want them to understand it, while I liked the conversation, it didn’t lead us to anywhere.

Then, I accepted our differences with no heart feelings and I actually didn’t demand more than understanding, it has some magical ways makes people open up and speak better to each others..but it was no use still.

My last step of trying not to lose those people was leaving..I’ve decided to stay away without knowing for how long, what I mean to them will appear now, If my existence or not makes a difference for them but if I mean nothing to them then at least my heart will know it was mistaken… and then I will continue my life without them but! they will always have a place in my mind for all the times they made me laugh, enjoy my time and enjoy their company.

What do I call that kind leaving? the Tender Desertion or the warm leaving….I’m just going to not do anything anymore, no blame, no reproach..just smiling as I walk away because If I mean nothing tot hem, they still mean something to me.

What can I say for a heart like that?

Doesn’t it happen with us all? at least with one person! breaks all the rules we post for how to deal with people…Hearts!



Whenever someone leaves, Something leaves with them ..either they leave for another place or when they leave forever! Part of the heart dies, the more the person means much to you…You feel like there is something missed, something leaves an empty place nothing can take it and only time..long time can fix it, or pretends to! Like a sad melody played, you don’t want to be sad but you still want to listen to it…it’s the melody of leaving…every step plays a note~