Get lost! Disappear.. drown! in details..the small ones!

Never ever accept the part of sadness only,seek the happiness too and smile

wonder and wander,till you find something

And if you didn’t ..stay where you are just walk around

It’s not about finding,it’s about what you are creating in yourself

Disappear in yourself to appear again.

It’s something enjoyable to be lost inside yourself

Some people have mazes needs to be solved!



And if you wanted to know a girl’s deepest secrets,ask her teddy bear

Dance with me

Like a little bird left a cage
and flied away
a cage of loneliness and fear
He grabbed her hand to dance in the snow
and she followed him,without even know
what’s going on?
who was he?
does it matter?
I don’t want to dance!!
Yes,you want or you wouldn’t be dancing!
Am i? and surprisingly yes,she was!
how come?!
Free your insanity
and spin around
you might get dizzy
and fall in the ground
but then look at the sky
You’re not gonna die
Just breathe and know,
things will get better
Just because it’s a bad day
Doesn’t mean it’s a bad life
It’s okay to strife
If you want to win!

Quote (Something about her)


Sometimes I wonder,what made me love him!! is it really him or the picture I draw for him in my imagination having his face with a character I made!

Do I know him? More important,Do I trust him?? why am I so confused?

Wish if I know,dear Diaries …one day,I will and that day isn’t today because I have to sleep now

I’ll turn the lights off and whisper for you goodnight….Good night,dear diaries!

Quote (Something about her)


I only remember that girl..she’s beautiful!

Do you remember,Jim?! , Can you tell me,what was her name?

Her name!?.. He took  a few seconds trying to remember..

The girl I used to love! is the name I have for her in my mind along with a few pictures pass whenever we talk about her..that’s all I remember

What makes you think you loved her? She could be someone you met by chance!

No,that’s impossible!! said Jim

Why,Jim? why is it impossible?

Because every time I think about her,I want to find her,I seek her,I need her,She makes my heart beats!!