What is love?

What is love?

It’s a feeling!

As an economist, I’ve been taught that “the need” is a thing that is necessary for an organism, a feeling of deprivation that urges an individual which motivates them to do something to stop that feeling.

So, what does love has to do with that?…love is a need that knocks on the heart doors, it puts a heavy weight on the heart to motivates it to do something to change that heavy feeling. Okay, what is that need? how does it seem?

I’ll tell you, it changes from a person to another, depends on every individual personal needs. I could be in need of something, someone else won’t care much about it, other would consider it non-sense!

Some people are in need of money, some people are in need of caring..others would love to have the attention and some all they seek is fulfilling a desire before going after a new adventure to search for a new need, and some don’t know what they actually need, till they get something, and they feel the difference between having it and how it was without it, so they came to realize.

My point is, the definition of love – In my opinion- differs from a person to another, so don’t be surprised if money all that it means for a girl, and for another girl, all she wants is caring, for that guy, he wants to be understood, and the other guy wants that hot chicka standing near the bar.

I’ve been trying to put my own definitions and the more I grow up, the more I know, the more I add things and remove things from the definition. the great wonder for me is…what might make the urge of that need continue being there, what could make you still need it even after having it, what keeps the flare?

That’s!.. the real question we need to ask, would we find an answer?