A page in my diary~



I’m a strong girl
a really strong girl, Dad
But sometimes I don’t know what to do
So you might see me crying
Don’t judge that
Ask me ..why am I crying?
Then decide
Some reasons are easy to say
I lost my wallet
I failed the exams
I’m not okay
Today is not my day
And then there are other reasons
hidden behind the previous ones
And God knows
Those find no words to describe
I’m a strong girl, Father
I learned that from you
You never cried and I wish
If I can do that too


Everybody sing to the moon, What about the Sun?


The world is sleeping
As I observe …
The early song of rising
Slowly bit by bit
And the trees waves increase
As the morning’s cold breeze
Playing around
With the birds sound
While a lovely cloud,
Whispering shyly to the sun
To Shine and embrace
A world of a thousand worlds
Or even more
And the sun reaches out her light
To touch the sky,
To touch the Earth
To touch all birds
And the leaves
And the souls that grieve
And the happy spirits,
The tallest of buildings
And shortest ones
A queen without a king
Ruling the kingdom of broken hearts
Before the nightfall

From her window


Behind the glass of a closing window
Of a house lives in that street
She stood to watch the sky
While it was raining
Was she sad?
It didn’t seem like that
But the rain kept falling
And knocking on the window
For her to open?
Knocking and Knocking
Once and again
She silently stood there
As I watched her
The raindrops looked like tears
Rolling down on her cheeks
She closed a window
That opened a way to her heart
While I walked away~

A letter for Today~


The beginning of a new day
For it, do you have something to say?
I’d like to leave a message
For when the day starts
And when the day ends
For every moment that counts
From my not known years of life

Dear every day,
What should I tell you?
I’m trying, I really do
And I have no clue
If things will go right
Or left where it is
Should it go?
Or should I come?
Too many questions
Only time can tell
Things aren’t well
Are you afraid?
The day will fade
Here comes another one
I pray for your heart to be strong
Will you pray for mine?
The sun will shine
The night will fall
And here comes another dawn
To talk to
Best Wishes,

Beyond a heart


I stood there…watching you
Nothing!..was all that I did

Time didn’t help me to say something! anything!
Screams of a soul trying to tell you,
With a mute voice
Only tears understood
So they started to flow and flow and flow,
Just in silence
so quiet! like a leaf falling
By the wind of November

Only whispers tried to share
a weak voice barely heard
Words coming up in flocks
But they seemed like crooning
I was crooning
For you to sleep,
For the last time

On the hope of you,
Waking up, somewhere again,
Open your eyes
Even if so far away from me
Just knowing you still there,
Through the window of dreams,
I’ll keep watching you
Waiting for you
Can you hear me?

A love Poem



The moon whispered for me a secret
and that’s when my soul smiled
By the window, I keep waiting for you
I sit and watch and wait and wonder,
and my thoughts then wander,
Looking for you, missing you,

it feels like dying
without knowing why I found myself crying
and when you finally show up here
The whole world lighten my way to you, my dear

All I want is to see you,
it makes everything seems alright
like a child it makes me feel inside,
Warmth, happiness with a blushing face
I love you and that is really the case~



It was that old tree that took me to you,

you stood there, closing your eyes ..leaving your hand to rest on the trunk

and that’s when the soul of the tree called me to come ..

As I stood to watch you without knowing who you were ..

you stole my heart, just by standing there

The time  you opened your eyes, looked at me and smiled

 I knew how it felt to be breathing

And the real meaning of your heart beating



I saw through your eyes and touched by your hand

my soul told me I once met you

a year or two ..or maybe a thousand lives before

Time spun around us as it showed the world

that ..

You, me and the old tree ..have finally met again ~


Thanks for inspiring me to write this Alan Walker and Jen