Somewhere Beyond Everything~


Out of time, Out of place

Only  A space for you to  sit

Just like heaven

Where we were living

once upon a dream

When we used to laugh

 deep laughs coming from ..

 the dawn of our hearts

to stay for a moment or two


Standing there

Looking at you, brings me a smile

every once in awhile

You gave me a hand

helping me to stand

Every time I fall

For these things all

I’ll always remember

The person you are

The person you helped me to be

And I was finally able to see

What lies behind life

What power we have in fear

And all the things we hold dear

Won’t last long for us

So short

As long as we live ~


Love.. Love .. Love~

Love is something you don’t have to understand to be good at yet it’s so complicated. Sometimes it can be mistaken with other feelings, like having a crush, liking, or familiarity.

If you ask me, what is my definition of love, I wouldn’t know exactly what it is, but I’d sure tell you that “it’s something you give, you don’t offer and once it was really given, you can’t take it back again” . Never add conditions, for when you do, you are putting  a reason to hate them one day. It’s like saying ” I love you on one condition!” And then one day, that condition was broken for whatever reason and now you’re standing there looking at them while being shocked, too shocked that you can’t speak and then you take a deep breath and say ” Alright, I don’t love you anymore, pack your stuff and get outta here”

*crickets chirping* …. Weird!

Oh well, there are seven states of love, I’m sure you would like to read about:

Storge: Natural affection, the love you share with your family.

Philia: The love that you have for friends.

Eros: Sexual and erotic desire kind of love. (positive or negative)

Agape: Unconditional love, or divine love

Ludus: playful love, like childish love or flirting.

Progma: Long standing love. The love in a married couple for example.

Philautia: Love of the self. (negative or positive)

Can you recognize any of those? If you do, start giving them their proper names and make sure when you really love someone no matter what relation you have with them to love them from the deepest part of your heart while you still can and never be ashamed to show it.

A song about me~


I’m a letter escaped from a word, a word left the sentence

left a space or just a place can be occupied again

So nothing to worry about

left to find a new word

a useful sentence

a happy meaning

A song in the middle of the night

While the moon fell asleep

And the stars were watching

Their laughs were all around

I am a voice in the vast void

Or maybe a smile painted on a sad face!

A tear of joy after so many years  chase

A happy memory in a hard time

A new idea! a beautiful rhyme

I could be a terrible plan!

All of that and more

Just because I can.

Dedicated to all my readers ..Because you can ❤





The power of the word~


I log in to write a text
Only to wonder,what’s next!

Title and space
You’re free to write.
What’s in your head?
a feeling? or a famous said?
Or something you want to say?
or just a day you lived,
wanting to talk about.

Other poets are all around
Reading you
Feeling your words
Seeing their reflection in your eyes,
Watching your hidden pain,
Behind the walls of letters.

Those who know how to write
Did learned how to speak for silent others
How to read!
what can be in people’s mind
The unsaid truths,
From every different kind,
Like a magician
It’s the power of a word
A key to every soul