My secret garden


I remember when i was young there was always that place my mother always took me to…it was more of a central park some people might see it as something normal but i called it my secret garden!

always when i walked around it i discovered more paths …the smell of the air was like the fresh morning breeze and there was that rustle sound coming from trees as there were lots of it everywhere even the trickling of a small creek i remember every detail as if i’m there… you wanna go there?? come,let me take you there..

it was a small path with giant trees from both sides..the trees with so high and that they leaned close to each others making the entrance look like a start to a road of a fairy tale…after passing that entrance you enter the garden where green grass everywhere around and you have both sides to take..there is right path and left path,i always stood there wishing to take both paths at the same time!…if only i could did that!!

anyway,my mom was the one to decide which way to go,sometimes she sits with her friend,a very nice lady with glasses -she always brought sandwiches and tea with her every time we went there- when i see my mom start talking with her friend i run to discover my world there.

what i loved the most about that place was how i felt every time i went there it was like being in a fantasy world!! i don’t know what gave me that feeling..maybe the age of that garden as it was so old with all those old trees,maybe the mystery of discovering the place and finding new things about it…new things makes my small eyes glow as a very curious child discovering the world.

the birds was everywhere,flying near the trees and far to the sky..whenever i want to catch some fruits to eat i had to throw something on the branches as it was so hard for me to catch anything looking for my short height…i catch some good number of fruits for me and my sister and so my friend for her and her brother and then we sit near out moms to eat them…my mom and her friend used to tell us stories at that place which made it more magical for me…i’ll tell you more about everything but first…do you have a secret place? ^^