And then, I sailed in Silence and I enjoyed the sound of Nothing on my journey to the nowhere


Should I wave goodbye or ask, you stay!


I love praying, specially for my dear ones..but I do pray also for people I don’t know…somewhere in this world, there are people suffering..sometimes when I’m laughing so hard, I wish if they can laugh too.

I wish if someone makes them smile, I wish for their pain to go away..far, far away from where they are! And no one can do that better than God, even when he sends some people your way to make you smile, to make you forget the pain..those are messages from him.

In some cases, I wonder though….If you know a sick person and they have been sick for too long, suffering, half dead already…If I prayed for those “May God bless your age and continue being with us”…doesn’t that make me selfish? I don’t know..if I hoped for them to live  longer, wouldn’t that make their suffering longer? but at the same time, you can’t wish them death! so, I just stand there…not knowing what to do, remembering things..I don’t want to remember and yet can’t find the right words.

We all gonna die someday…but it’s always hard to imagine you loved ones leaving…and you don’t even know if you had to pray or this is better for them!