Sawwri is growing up!!!!!




Hmm,Today,I’m gonna talk about something different …It’s “Why did I make this Blog???”

                                      I heard someone saying

…If you want to know how much you grew up,take a look on how you used to be five years won’t know yourself”

I asked myself about what does this means?? If I saw a picture for myself five years ago,Yeah true,I’ll look a bit younger but it’s still ME!!..Oh that’s just some non sense words,Yo!

a little while after that,I was checking some old things I used to write and some opinions I stated about things…I wrote what was written four years ago…I read what was written and I was felt like I was reading that for the first time,however,I wrote it. and that’s when I realized what this man said….I saw myself but not my picture..I saw myself in my words and my opinions and those are REALLY more reflecting than a mirror and true,I didn’t know myself.

I made this blog for that reason..I want to write and write and go back to read my writings to know how much I grew up…I’m going to write messages to my future self to read it and laugh later and no matter what..I’ll always be proud of where I reached and will do my best to learn and improve ..Because …..

“Life is about creating yourself” 😉

With Love,

Sawwri ❤




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