There will be a journey,that meant to be
a tough road you must walk,
a hard time you need to live
a long path you have to pass ..
Because you need to know
Because you have to see

Can’t wait for the day I reach there…
Can’t wait for the day I know
all the times you felt disappointed,
all the times you were broken….
It might seem bad but never meant to be this way
Someday..I’ll go home,
a place that is so warm
No pains,no sorrows
Just immortality far from shadows of boredom
And ghosts of fear


The Silence Of Dancing~


We call! Would our voices be heard?
For what we wish,
For what we hope,
and our land,
In a distant place
Embraced by the vast sky
While the stars,
Are so very shy
In that far place
In the lonely space,
That prefers silence
Or this is how it seems

Dancing in the land of dreams,
While nobody’s watching,
No one around,
I saw no one but me
Standing there,
Smiling for me,
So, I smiled back and waved

A sad melody played on a music box
a little girl showed up from somewhere
All she did was twirling and twirling and twirling
All she ever wanted was to dance again and again

A walk through her mind~


With a talking face,holding her small light
lonely! She walked in the middle of the night

She left some footprints
like making her own hints
to where she goes

Did she want someone to find her?
with the loudest of her voice,
she kept calling “anybody there!”

Or She left a clue
why the sky so blue?

You’ll never know what’s in her mind
And that’s the reason why she was hard to find!

My first post “Monseiur Cappo cat!”

This iz my first time writing so, don’t mind the miztakes, not my fault my annoying owner barely if not ever letz me! Oh yeah, speaking of my owner!  Let’s face it, I’m a cat! She doesn’t speak meow, she doesn’t understand meow which makes her think I don’t speaks human! Well … eh, technically I don’t speaks human, but I do understandz it ..and typez it. THAT’S BONUS!!!

I wouldn’t blame the miztakes only on her, though. I mean, in my language there is only one word that means everything ..”meow!” there is a Meow food, meow playing time, meow I’m lonely, meow hello, missed you all day ..SIMPLE, peeps! And even, you still don’t understand it sometimes. I’m disappointed and I iz tired too az it tooks me yearz and yearzs of my 2 yearz life to speak human fluently! I mean TYPE it fluently! with some miztakes ..oright oright, loadz of miztakes, watevar! I iz still learning, therez too much wordz and they haz no end!!

Hii, followerz!

Trying to take selfies poze here, how do you do that?? oh, are we live? Hiiiiiiiiii!

My Name Is Monsieur Cappo, I know, a stupid name, my owner gave to me and LORD!! I hate it and I told her I do, and god knows how much I meowed and meowed, but then the only reply I gets is she  hugging me like crazy and say things like “awwww” and sh*t! ..What is that, humans?

Anywayz, she iz out for grocery now, This iz my first post, I don’t have much time in hand..I means in paws, shez away, and my posts will be hidden from her , only seen by youz, my followerz! I hearsz the door, SHE’S COMMING!!!! See you laterz, bye bye


Here’z a paw wavez bye bye, but itz not mine!

Script “Scene in the car”

He looked at the boy with his angry eyes and said:”How many times should I tell you not to ruin your life doing what you do?

How many times should I say that you need to value your life before you find it’s too late?

Today I’m with you, tomorrow isn’t granted. If not leaving, death will decide and I care for how your life goes.”

“You don’t have to worry, you’re not my father!!” said the boy

I’M NOT, AND YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR NOT BEING MY SON!! He looked away with grieve in his eyes and then he said “I know how is life when you have no life, I know what it means when you have no motive to move on, no reason to continue walking. The road you want to follow is a wrong way, and I’m trying to be your sign that says “don’t go there” Can you understand that? I wish if I had someone to say that to me and you, young man you … are a very selfish human being doesn’t value life yet.”

The fragrance of love~

Loved you.. from a distant

For love, my friend, is a risk
An adventure, some like to take either way
And as I stood there to watch, this is how I can see

something others can not see
something even you can’t see

Love is more pleased with what we don’t know
When there is no way to go
When the only escape from you, is to you

So if you once found it out
It will take us far
somewhere, standing crossroads,
either we go together
or we will be murdered by boredom..in the midway of the second

Can you dance in my music
Will you play for me to dance?

When there is a story to tell,
There is always those who listen

Are you able to change their lives?
Be their guide to how it goes
as I write those words to you~