I went for a walk


It was a windy day, the weather nicely helped me decide to go for a walk, so I changed clothes, winked for myself before I go to search for an adventure..and I got one. As I walked the street, I saw people all around. Some children playing, others flying a kite, sounds of people from everywhere! a lady calling her husband telling him to take care, another is yelling at her children who’s trying to make some fire in the house yard. Mother walking with her children, happily looking at them and a boy discussing lesson with his friend, who seems to feel bored….. or maybe he’s just thinking about something else.

I passed by a bakery! Maaan, the smell of dough and cakes took me far far away to another place, a place that lives in the past now, an old memory of me when I once was young and sat to watch TV while my mother was baking some cookies….”Mama, did it finish yet?” “Can I eat it now” “I want a big plate” “I don’t want it with milk, I want some juice” and her voice coming from kitchen passing through the wall and reaching me “Not yet sweetie, be patient”..I loved how that made me smile when a horn of a car pulled me back to present, how I miss when I was young! I continued walking and smelled different scents, some are pleasant, others weren’t… a smell of smoke of cigarettes at some guy passing by, some places smelled like fresh mint and some places had the scent of incense! Haa, now that I mentioned it, I smell it yet again!..seems like my brain really loved it.

While I was pleased with the incense, I collided another strong lovely smell.Without turning my head to look ….of course, it was the coffee smell, glad it’s not a drug because if it was, I wouldn’t accept treatment. It confuses me, makes me have a mix of feelings, conflicting feelings to be exact! Happy yet sad, nostalgic to something I don’t know what it is! Besides this I stopped like a complete idiot with a weird grin and kept smelling then sighed and smell again and sigh, I could imagine some bubble hearts around my head, I’m telling you. That’s it! This must be love! I fell in love with the scent of coffee every time I smell it, not only once, but again and again. The weird part is I love the smell more than the taste, I would buy a cup of coffee just to smell it but later, of course, I’ll drink it. I mean, I paid money for that!

Where I live is not a very big place but I noticed so many languages. I saw some Asians, Europeans, Indians and Middle eastern. Strange, however, different all those are yet they live in the same place under the same sky without problems, and to add more bliss, everyone seemed pleased. Everything is okay when all people care only about their businesses without judging or rating others.

A voice of a Syrian lady yelling at an Egyptian man, caught my attention, she was admonishing him for being late in doing something, “You Egyptians drive me crazy!!” it didn’t seem so serious as the man was laughing, and so did I and  did my sister.

A lady selling some roasted corn, a man singing poems to sell his fruits and children running everywhere . It was sunset already so all lights prepared to wake up, about time for Magrib prayer to call. My sister was walking by my side, I felt as if I was walking in a book, a tale with no end written  yet. Here, there and everywhere little things makes me stop and think, recalls a memory, smile, laugh, wonder…as I grow up. I made myself a queen and decided from where I stand, this is the country I rule and those around are my people, and a good queen must check on her people  at every available chance!

Here, there and everywhere there are little things that make me stop and think, recalled a memory, smiled, laughed, wondered…as I grow up.

I made myself a queen and decided from now on, from where I stand, this is the country I rule and those around are my people, and a good queen must check on her people  at every available chance!

Good night, moon! 🙂