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The Naga

More than ever, the world needs us, the world needs us now, us artists, be a writer, a painter, a poet, a dancer, a storyteller, a designer, build us the worlds that you have imagined, give life to our madness, show the world that it is not only about making money and children, that there are other ways to live life, to accomplish our goals, give meaning to our existence, because we artists never only live once, we live for every single day, we create, we make, we paint and write our souls and emotions into our creations, more than ever, in this age of war and craze, we need you, the world needs you, to create, to bring meaning and dimension to our reality.

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I will be waiting here….
For your silence to break,
For your soul to shake,
For your love to wake!
~ Rumi


Morning Thoughts

I’ve always loved weird things, or weird things loved me! whenever I stand to look I see things other people don’t see…yesterday has something for tomorrow I’m a message from the past to the future will be sent and sent to the day I’ll be delivered…what should my text say?

a voice of a Naii in the woods by morning sun when the breeze come a whole new day a new life to live ~



It was that old tree that took me to you,

you stood there, closing your eyes ..leaving your hand to rest on the trunk

and that’s when the soul of the tree called me to come ..

As I stood to watch you without knowing who you were ..

you stole my heart, just by standing there

The time  you opened your eyes, looked at me and smiled

 I knew how it felt to be breathing

And the real meaning of your heart beating



I saw through your eyes and touched by your hand

my soul told me I once met you

a year or two ..or maybe a thousand lives before

Time spun around us as it showed the world

that ..

You, me and the old tree ..have finally met again ~


Thanks for inspiring me to write this Alan Walker and Jen

Script “Scene in the car”

He looked at the boy with his angry eyes and said:”How many times should I tell you not to ruin your life doing what you do?

How many times should I say that you need to value your life before you find it’s too late?

Today I’m with you, tomorrow isn’t granted. If not leaving, death will decide and I care for how your life goes.”

“You don’t have to worry, you’re not my father!!” said the boy

I’M NOT, AND YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR NOT BEING MY SON!! He looked away with grieve in his eyes and then he said “I know how is life when you have no life, I know what it means when you have no motive to move on, no reason to continue walking. The road you want to follow is a wrong way, and I’m trying to be your sign that says “don’t go there” Can you understand that? I wish if I had someone to say that to me and you, young man you … are a very selfish human being doesn’t value life yet.”