A walk to you~


In two different separated roads
we walk,
So lonely! with a glance of beautiful sadness
We looked.
You thought about me,
I thought about you
In singing voices,
In the space surrounded by lots of stars
I raised my head high,
Up to the sky,
Searching for the smile..
A smile you once draw,
long long time ago

How much time does it cost to be together?
what does it take,to hear your voice?

Once again

While you walked there,
Somewhere far from where I was,
I still hear your steps
As if you are,
somewhere nearby..
Like a night with a lunar eclipse
it seems
when you are not there,
so I stand somewhere,
in the middle of the road
and wonder
and wonder
and wonder once again,
In my way to you




Window of souls
And light of hearts
a gate leads to the unknown
inside of you

Speaks one language
all over the world
unlike tongues.

Silence language
Is their language
Only minds can see
Takes a pure hearts
To know,
what they say


Sometimes happy
Sometimes Sad
Sometimes looking..so far away
Different colors
They all look the same

and when it blames
It hurts more than swords
a wound that never bleeds

Looking for something
wander then wonder
what’s going on?

When Closed

It sees,
Another world inside
Sailing in the dark,
Searching for you!

Where are you?
Where is me?
Can you see how you feel there?

The light of hearts
when they see
while closed~

The day he left~

The Moment he called,
And said he’s coming
Made my day,
Everything stunning!
My eyes are on the road
when will he arrive!!?
run run time, so he reaches here,
Safe and sound,
we’re all around,
Waiting for him..

And when I hear steps coming close
I know it’s yours
It has the best melody,
played with no pause!
And here you appear,
My precious dear,
I see you standing there

And the scent of father
And the smile of father
The warmth of his embrace,
My lovely grace!
And his walk,
coming my way
What a happy day,
The day you are there

I never knew, Dad,
I never knew
That there will be a day
lived without you,
I always miss you!
See your face all around
wishing to hear,
your beautiful sound
In Every rainy day!

And After all these years,Dad

Would you recognize me?

Aren’t you comin?
One more time,
As I sit to watch the road
The lonely road,
You left behind


And remember,dear traveler
Keep your heart in your hands,
Wherever you go

You don’t know
Who might steal it
you won’t feel it,
taken away from you

Run from a place to another
love what you see
laugh out loud
and don’t forget to..
keep your heart in your hands,

Dear heart,let me tell you
You will love someone
sometwo somethree
Try to figure out
what they mean to me
before you get broken,
I’m your traveler
the one who hold you
in my hands!
I have to protect you

Dear people I met,
Thank you for adding a chapter
to my life
Dear people I’m going to meet
Can’t wait to see you,
I’m in love with you already
but I’ll keep my heart in my hands
so you won’t take it away!

Easy to say
Hard to act
because I know,dear heart
That someday
Will take you away
From my hands
and that’s when I’ll stop traveling~

Where is Memories?

Waking up in early mornings
On the sounds of birds flying around
Still remember my lazy head
and my little feet as I stand to leave
leave my dreams on my pillow
on a promise to come back later,
The scent of Mom’s pastry,
Makes me hungry,
So I hurry up to find her
An angel stood there,
With a lovely smile, good morning!
A wish of not growing up ever,
I realized only in my twenties
time passed,
I wish I can be there again,
Where is memories?
Is it just in my mind?
Can I go there?

in my Father’s embrace,
the five years old me ,
sitting on his lap,
listening to a story,
as I fall asleep slowly,
My Eyes..
resisting to know the end
as I look at him and smile
the warmth of his voice,
Doesn’t help!
what a happy sad memory

Where is memories?
Why can’t I be there?
It seems like fantasy
Can I just be that little girl in my dreams?
Just once more..
Just forever!~