It was that old tree that took me to you,

you stood there, closing your eyes ..leaving your hand to rest on the trunk

and that’s when the soul of the tree called me to come ..

As I stood to watch you without knowing who you were ..

you stole my heart, just by standing there

The time  you opened your eyes, looked at me and smiled

 I knew how it felt to be breathing

And the real meaning of your heart beating



I saw through your eyes and touched by your hand

my soul told me I once met you

a year or two ..or maybe a thousand lives before

Time spun around us as it showed the world

that ..

You, me and the old tree ..have finally met again ~


Thanks for inspiring me to write this Alan Walker and Jen


Behind my eyes~


Where they don’t belong

Is that place where I can be

I might be surrounded by many

But none of them can really see

Behind my eyes

that cries

rivers of


Is where it lies

and so many tries

But yet ..

They still fail