Open your window!



As long as we live, we will learn. Some things you can learn from books, but sometimes you have to experience your lessons to understand them well. I don’t like preaching without showing me what you mean from your preach. Or it will be just beautiful words without a meaning, I’ll hear them from the right ear, and before even leaving, the left ear will take it all out as if I heard nothing. There are things that easy to forget, if you don’t : see them, live them or feel them happening to you!
Main rule in life is : Don’t be afraid! It’s better to fail thousand times than never trying, I won’t promise you a “no harm” life when you are trying, Nope! There will be wounds, there will be pains, and there will be suffering, but there will also be satisfaction!
“I did my best and I have no regrets”, “I feel sad now, but it will end, nothing lasts forever”, “I can always try something new if this thing didn’t work out with me”, “I can still fight one more time, I’m sure I can make it” ..etc. All these are things you need to tell yourself, things you need to hear, rather than fear and telling yourself that there is no hope! There is always hope, as long as you are trying, as long as you are LIVING! And if you died without reaching your goal, you died for it. Either way, life isn’t about reaching that goal, it’s about what you do to reach it ..about your motives, and how strong you are willing to be. It’s about who you really are. So, open your window and don’t be afraid.