My first post “Monseiur Cappo cat!”

This iz my first time writing so, don’t mind the miztakes, not my fault my annoying owner barely if not ever letz me! Oh yeah, speaking of my owner!  Let’s face it, I’m a cat! She doesn’t speak meow, she doesn’t understand meow which makes her think I don’t speaks human! Well … eh, technically I don’t speaks human, but I do understandz it ..and typez it. THAT’S BONUS!!!

I wouldn’t blame the miztakes only on her, though. I mean, in my language there is only one word that means everything ..”meow!” there is a Meow food, meow playing time, meow I’m lonely, meow hello, missed you all day ..SIMPLE, peeps! And even, you still don’t understand it sometimes. I’m disappointed and I iz tired too az it tooks me yearz and yearzs of my 2 yearz life to speak human fluently! I mean TYPE it fluently! with some miztakes ..oright oright, loadz of miztakes, watevar! I iz still learning, therez too much wordz and they haz no end!!

Hii, followerz!

Trying to take selfies poze here, how do you do that?? oh, are we live? Hiiiiiiiiii!

My Name Is Monsieur Cappo, I know, a stupid name, my owner gave to me and LORD!! I hate it and I told her I do, and god knows how much I meowed and meowed, but then the only reply I gets is she  hugging me like crazy and say things like “awwww” and sh*t! ..What is that, humans?

Anywayz, she iz out for grocery now, This iz my first post, I don’t have much time in hand..I means in paws, shez away, and my posts will be hidden from her , only seen by youz, my followerz! I hearsz the door, SHE’S COMMING!!!! See you laterz, bye bye


Here’z a paw wavez bye bye, but itz not mine!