A letter for Today~


The beginning of a new day
For it, do you have something to say?
I’d like to leave a message
For when the day starts
And when the day ends
For every moment that counts
From my not known years of life

Dear every day,
What should I tell you?
I’m trying, I really do
And I have no clue
If things will go right
Or left where it is
Should it go?
Or should I come?
Too many questions
Only time can tell
Things aren’t well
Are you afraid?
The day will fade
Here comes another one
I pray for your heart to be strong
Will you pray for mine?
The sun will shine
The night will fall
And here comes another dawn
To talk to
Best Wishes,



I will be waiting here….
For your silence to break,
For your soul to shake,
For your love to wake!
~ Rumi


Morning Thoughts

I’ve always loved weird things, or weird things loved me! whenever I stand to look I see things other people don’t see…yesterday has something for tomorrow I’m a message from the past to the future will be sent and sent to the day I’ll be delivered…what should my text say?

a voice of a Naii in the woods by morning sun when the breeze come a whole new day a new life to live ~

Beyond a heart


I stood there…watching you
Nothing!..was all that I did

Time didn’t help me to say something! anything!
Screams of a soul trying to tell you,
With a mute voice
Only tears understood
So they started to flow and flow and flow,
Just in silence
so quiet! like a leaf falling
By the wind of November

Only whispers tried to share
a weak voice barely heard
Words coming up in flocks
But they seemed like crooning
I was crooning
For you to sleep,
For the last time

On the hope of you,
Waking up, somewhere again,
Open your eyes
Even if so far away from me
Just knowing you still there,
Through the window of dreams,
I’ll keep watching you
Waiting for you
Can you hear me?

A love Poem



The moon whispered for me a secret
and that’s when my soul smiled
By the window, I keep waiting for you
I sit and watch and wait and wonder,
and my thoughts then wander,
Looking for you, missing you,

it feels like dying
without knowing why I found myself crying
and when you finally show up here
The whole world lighten my way to you, my dear

All I want is to see you,
it makes everything seems alright
like a child it makes me feel inside,
Warmth, happiness with a blushing face
I love you and that is really the case~