The green dress~

It all started with a dream..since then,it changed everything….wanna know?

Lost in a place,the girl was trying to escape from some people,she knew them,they were relatives trying to find her a lost dress that she must wear for a party,a party she didn’t even want to attend to began with, she just knew that something might happen there.

What’s going on?..she saw her aunt telling her about the perfect man,she must wear the lost dress to meet him…the girl wished  they never find that dress,while they kept searching.

The place around here was like a giant palace,lots of people walking around and there was a beautiful rounded  fountain at the middle of a wide hall entrance …there was lots of rooms and doors at the second floor and that’s where She tried to escape,she ran everywhere,opened doors,went through rooms..what is that place??? she didn’t know  but wherever she goes,they find her and that was the reason for her sadness..whenever she tries to talk to them,she loses her voice or somehow it can’t reach them…was she escaping from them or from herself? why is she running? she wondered

“Please!,don’t find the dress”..the girl prayed.

while she was running she entered a strange room,it looked like a class as there was a group of people sitting and someone stood in front of them representing something. There was a boy,the boy stood and looked at her while he was giving class to some kind of young soldiers on how to use a weapon…”a weapon?!” her head,she didn’t like that..she didn’t have any feelings but she went and hit the model of the weapon and without looking or caring for the reaction of  what she did,she continued running till she reached a strange place, standing in front of something big as wide as the space,looks like an ocean but not as blue,it had no boundaries…she can’t run anymore…this place made her stops running….peacefully and quietly she stood to watch…while softly tears flowed out her eyes in silence..why am I crying?? I’m not even sad anymore! why is all that happening? she wondered

Tears won’t fix your problems,if you have questions,you have the half o the equation you need answers to own the other half…Anonymous Voice talked to her

Strange how she wasn’t shocked,the voice talked to her out of nothing but she kept the quite look of just standing there,crossing her arms and watching.

The voice continued..”What do you want?,do you want to keep running? for how long? can never fix your problems by running,you only need to face them!”

I KNOW! she yelled I know…sometimes,they just don’t understand and then,I’ll have to make it clear,once and again and again and at this rate,it’s gonna lose it’s you really have to clear something for someone who suppose to understand you?..they will just never understand. she closed her eyes for a minute and sighed…Dear me,I know you know what you want but you don’t know how to do it,so lets try to do something together…

“WE FOUND THE DRESS” they yelled,as always they also found her…a green long dress that looked royal,she didn’t like something about it,however it looked nice but something about it wasn’t likeable to her…or maybe she just didn’t want to be forced to wear it

she held the dress in her arms,while watching the parallel white space,they found the dress and left her alone to wear it..she wanted to throw it away but somehow,she knew,it will find it’s way back to her again…she looked at the dress and then decided.

to be continued





A day well lived..but

A day well lived..but

Today was a great day,thanks to dear God…It was my sister fiancee’s birthday,we surprised him with a small party..he was so happy with it and so was my sister..I like that he is a kind man and so nice to my sister and soon when they get married when God wills,I hope to see them the happiest ever,However,I’ll miss my big lovely sis ❤