Script “Scene in the car”

He looked at the boy with his angry eyes and said:”How many times should I tell you not to ruin your life doing what you do?

How many times should I say that you need to value your life before you find it’s too late?

Today I’m with you, tomorrow isn’t granted. If not leaving, death will decide and I care for how your life goes.”

“You don’t have to worry, you’re not my father!!” said the boy

I’M NOT, AND YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR NOT BEING MY SON!! He looked away with grieve in his eyes and then he said “I know how is life when you have no life, I know what it means when you have no motive to move on, no reason to continue walking. The road you want to follow is a wrong way, and I’m trying to be your sign that says “don’t go there” Can you understand that? I wish if I had someone to say that to me and you, young man you … are a very selfish human being doesn’t value life yet.”


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