Poet Freak

What if I told you that I miss drawing

Shall I go find a pencil and a paper?

What if I told you, I only found a pen?

And I started writing about my feelings instead

would it still be the same, I said

What if I lost my thoughts while watching the blue sky?

I wanted to be inspired, but my mind was gone with the wind

What if the warmth of the sun was the hug I needed

It made me dream about a place while I was in another, Is that cheating?

What if my poetry wasn’t what I meant to say?

Would it be the same day, the day we met

If only you found me that pencil ..

Would you still give me that paper?

Would you tell me to draw?

Life is simply complicated while things are fated

What a waste of time, the time I spend away from you


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