Why do I blog?

First thing comes to our minds when we start blogging, what should I write?, From where should I start?

Thousands of questions might come to mind, waiting for answers. so the question I have is “Why do I blog? ”

I have a dream! I want to write in different language than mine. As you can see here, there are lots of mistakes appear in my blog. Simply, because English isn’t my first language. I started that blog while I do know my English isn’t perfect, and as I keep writing, I found mistakes, I try not to fall for them again, but I leave them where they are! Because after several days, months, years, I’ll go back to read all what I wrote and then, I will see how did I improved. If I fixed all the mistakes in previous posts, how will I know  my current level and how far I improved?

This reminded me of life. As we grow up, we do mistakes, we fall to stand up, sometimes we move slowly towards our goals, other times we run, sometimes we even crawl, but if you never know your mistakes, if you never learn from them, How will you improve? We are suppose to do mistakes to learn, no one HAVE to be perfect, perfection isn’t for human beings, all our life, we need to improve, and there is always a better something to seek. wouldn’t that make life an adventure? isn’t that enough to make life worth something. Hard times, reveals what’s hidden behind the cover, it shows who you really are, and not for people more than for your own self?

So, the question now is, do you want to improve? would you love to know your mistakes and learn from them? how far do you want to go?

Why I blog is because I seek “what’s better” for me, and for others. And of course because I love writing.

Wish me luck, and share your thoughts of “Why do you blog? “


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