The day he left~

The Moment he called,
And said he’s coming
Made my day,
Everything stunning!
My eyes are on the road
when will he arrive!!?
run run time, so he reaches here,
Safe and sound,
we’re all around,
Waiting for him..

And when I hear steps coming close
I know it’s yours
It has the best melody,
played with no pause!
And here you appear,
My precious dear,
I see you standing there

And the scent of father
And the smile of father
The warmth of his embrace,
My lovely grace!
And his walk,
coming my way
What a happy day,
The day you are there

I never knew, Dad,
I never knew
That there will be a day
lived without you,
I always miss you!
See your face all around
wishing to hear,
your beautiful sound
In Every rainy day!

And After all these years,Dad

Would you recognize me?

Aren’t you comin?
One more time,
As I sit to watch the road
The lonely road,
You left behind


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