And remember,dear traveler
Keep your heart in your hands,
Wherever you go

You don’t know
Who might steal it
you won’t feel it,
taken away from you

Run from a place to another
love what you see
laugh out loud
and don’t forget to..
keep your heart in your hands,

Dear heart,let me tell you
You will love someone
sometwo somethree
Try to figure out
what they mean to me
before you get broken,
I’m your traveler
the one who hold you
in my hands!
I have to protect you

Dear people I met,
Thank you for adding a chapter
to my life
Dear people I’m going to meet
Can’t wait to see you,
I’m in love with you already
but I’ll keep my heart in my hands
so you won’t take it away!

Easy to say
Hard to act
because I know,dear heart
That someday
Will take you away
From my hands
and that’s when I’ll stop traveling~


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