Where is Memories?

Waking up in early mornings
On the sounds of birds flying around
Still remember my lazy head
and my little feet as I stand to leave
leave my dreams on my pillow
on a promise to come back later,
The scent of Mom’s pastry,
Makes me hungry,
So I hurry up to find her
An angel stood there,
With a lovely smile, good morning!
A wish of not growing up ever,
I realized only in my twenties
time passed,
I wish I can be there again,
Where is memories?
Is it just in my mind?
Can I go there?

in my Father’s embrace,
the five years old me ,
sitting on his lap,
listening to a story,
as I fall asleep slowly,
My Eyes..
resisting to know the end
as I look at him and smile
the warmth of his voice,
Doesn’t help!
what a happy sad memory

Where is memories?
Why can’t I be there?
It seems like fantasy
Can I just be that little girl in my dreams?
Just once more..
Just forever!~


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