Something about her (Quote)


I want to be mysterious!..what do you think I should do? said the little boy

Hmm,you want my opinion?.., Just be you! mystery isn’t something comes when we want! whenever you try,it will escape from you..let it come your way,don’t chase it because then…they will find out!

who’s they?! said the little boy

Yourself and People….Said Lilith with some laughs

She continues “It’s an aura, a nature..something you might be born with!..or maybe you get to be,with the days you live!..appears in your acts,your actions and wouldn’t even notice,It’s just this way!”

So,you think I will never be mysterious? said the little boy

It needs time to figure out and you are doing well at being curious,Though! ..Time to sleep! she kissed his forehead then smiled and said “Goodnight,Danny” while closing the door


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