Years are passing..we never notice the difference between today and yesterday and guess for tomorrow can be expected too..and while all that happens,everything DOES change!

It’s as if something magical happening!! I want something that never change,someone will keep smiling at me the same way everyday,someone I won’t just get used to them being there..No,I want to enjoy the beauty of waking up everyday while seeing them there.

why Must life change everything without us noticing that?? I’ve lost people and I miss them a lot,I think about others in the way of “What if I lost them too” is there a way we can keep them forever? …is it better to be lonely than suffering the loss of someone loved!…I don’t like change though I love trying new things,does this make me crazy?…I don’t know and to be honest,I don’t want to know..I’ll pray,I’ll just pray to God..the only one I’m sure will always be there…the only one the more I pray,the beauty of his company is enjoyable everyday..

Dear God, I know you understand me,I know you are there for me, sometimes you even speak to me through things..I’m sorry that sometimes I feel afraid and other times I worry..I’m sorry because I know,I have to trust you more..but My heart is so weak,keeps thinking and thinking and hurting and pain…something want to shake my trust in you but I promise,I’ll do my best to not listen to that and I’ll do my best to improve…

I love you,dear God ..thank you for being there always and thank you for never changing..Thank you for loving me more than anyone else.

Yours Truly,
Your faithful weak creature ❤


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