The Green Dress~



It all started with a dress,that was in the color of green

All people was yelling,she must wear the green dress,everything she wishes will only come when she wears the green dress.

She took it and throw it away…where is the green dress?? all asked..Find the green dress!! There was no use..the more she calls,nobody listens..the more she speaks,her voice isn’t heard

It was time to escape!..Escape everything before finding the lost green dress….Escape before she find herself having to wear it.

WE FOUND THE GREEN DRESS!! somebody yelled

All she did was racing herself to that far door..running! is it further than usual?? or her feet doesn’t really move?

Somebody helped her and showed her a way out…she ran towards it and turned to say thanks with a smile…and continued running..

Why is she running? till when she will keep escaping? places,she doesn’t even know!..slowly her steps became heavier and the running turned to walking and walking became steady that she stood at the middle of nowhere..but,she expected it

she stood to watch the nowhere…as wide as everything yet it contains nothing…the green dress find it’s way to her,coming flying to land in her arms and voices from behind,telling her to wear it ..she decided to make a decision while they waited for her outside to wear the dress….She came out in a blue dress,putting the green one in a box of presents and handed it to them with a smile …

And they noticed a small piece of paper with the dress …it said..”Thank you” ….while she walked away happily,enjoying her freedom in a blue dress~




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