Case Dismissed( in a conversation with myself)




Silence,in the attendance of Justice
And fair is all in the air
Do you have something to say?
Say it now if you dare!

Standing in front of yourself
With your tongue,The lawyer
Your heart is the victim
The witnesses are your senses
Judged by your mind,
In a Case Claimed by conscience

Do the hearts lie?
Why do we do,what we do?
Who is truly the foe?
How much pain do we have to suffer?
How many times was your heart broken?
Why whenever I speak,you never listen?
why,why and whys?

Ladies and gentlemen,
Do we know what’s in people heads?
Can we expect what’s coming tomorrow?
We must live life if we want to survive
and the pain is only a matter of time before we mature!

Objection!! Your honor
Tongue is playing with words

Denied!please continue!

Whenever you speak,Heart
My client listens
with a tired ears
Added some fears
of what might come .

It needs courage to do
what we have to do
And we all are cowards
Just in a different hours,
of the day

Some fear to say
Some fear to speak
Some,doesn’t really know,
what they seek!
But we all,
Have to fall
To learn how to stand up again

My Clint might seem guilty
But this is reality
What we are talking about

Call the witnesses!!

First eyes
That always cries
In the middle of the night

Then Ears
That know and hears
What’s wrong and what’s right

Do we have to bring nose
or hands that cause
So many troubles
What do you have to say this time?
Do you admit your crime?
Or yet afraid to speak?

Your honor,I’m a criminal
Every time I failed myself
I’m a Criminal,
When I put what’s right on shelf
I’m a criminal,
When I cause pain
or drive me insane
With all what I do!

I confess,
I’m guilty
In front of you

My only fault
Is that I’m weak
Once wished to be strong,

But,never tried again

Do you forgive me?
Or you don’t?
Either way,
It’s not what I want

I know,what I desire
What causes me tire
like playing with fire
I wish one day,

I’ll be able to forgive myself
and live.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I rest my case
In that hard race
known as life!


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