In Happiness and Sadness



Sadness and Happiness

The double faces of Life coin…Once one of them shown,the other is hidden,and a matter of time before it appears again

Without happiness,we wouldn’t know sadness and without sadness,we wouldn’t know happiness and you can’t be happy for the rest of your life for it will make you bored…bored of life and bored of unchangeable self ..Cuz hard times,create you and drew your outline once then again and again and again.

The more we fall,the more we know how to stand up again..the more wounds we get,the less pain we get to feel and wild hearts never broken

It’s like we learn life rules,Using the hard way,Maybe! Some people never realize that and others do realize it and others were born with the ability to how to deal with it…..sometimes we just panic and that’s our human nature

Learn to stay happiness and in sadness and whatever happens..always remember that..they are a two faces for one coin..depends on which face it falls you play your game!

#Thoughts on life



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