From the top of my head

Every time the gulls flied around the River,It’s like a silent music were played in a beautiful hidden song by nature..

The beautiful birds flied in circles above the river,trying to catch a fish or playing together

Today I looked,there was no gulls..all gone

It was sad scene..I miss those gulls and how they made me feel

I really feel pathetic for this world..full of people that aren’t like gulls…fighting and fighting without understanding and always the wrong person is punished…What’s going on?? why can’t we just accept each others the way we are?? why wars,pains and killing?? why some people feel happy that others was killed just because they belong to a different religion or race!!

We are all the same! colors doesn’t change that,religions doesn’t change that..we are all human beings..what we believe is between us and God or to don’t have to hurt anyone for that!! If you are asked then answer but don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do…don’t distort a whole religion just for thoughts only you made up using the ignorance of others!


Why do we hate each others like this?? Can’t we just respect the difference and live in peace?

Can’t we just breath for a new day,for the love of God!!!

Can’t we just know the difference between bad people and good people away from whatever they belong to?? YES,Because if we have to Classify this world we will classify it for two sides.

Good people and Bad people..Never ever punish a good person just because they belong to something a bad person claimed they follow..because you don’t know,maybe that good person is your hope to survive.

You should study people and let their acts speak for them..then decide,who should be punished and for what reason.

I’m tired,really tired of how people act and speak…and innocents are the only one who pay for it.


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