Some doodles of thoughts…

Brain..One of the biggest mysteries,human kind will ever know..

Every brain have a story to tell for their owner and my brain tells me a special story.

It’s like living in another world,it’s trying a whole new feeling..small pictures that comes and go suddenly,like a fast camera shots! It could come in many different images…Sometimes because of a small fresh breeze,sometimes of a scent of a fragrance I know ,sometimes the smell of the night call me and maybe the whispers of people…all these are just my transporting ways to the few seconds world where it brings a feeling that lasts inside of me for ages!

What do we love?

Do we love what we see? or we love how it makes us feel inside?…why boredom comes to kill everything around you in a hunt for something new..another prey to be thrown by boredom later but the feelings stays the same ..why a moment we like something and then everything changes?

Boredom is a killer,I must fear more than anything ..and it will always to be continued….



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