Problems..problems..problems (Introdution Letter)


Which one of us never faced them? and when we talk about them we end up always hearing the words of sympathy which we actually hate to hear.

What do we want to hear then? ..Is it something we want to hear or it’s something we want to feel?

Comforting words is a matter of time before we feel bad again.So what’s the point then?

We need ears to listen,hands to hold and a heart that shares…that’s what we need.Some people can be heard because their voices are loud,others just hide behind their shyness and what might other people say about it.

In my opinion,If you have a problem it’s better to talk about it,if you want it to be fixed or it will never get fixed and you will keep feeling bad.But then again,I know that those shy people will never listen to this…and that’s why I decided to see problems,write about them and try to find solutions..not to share people suffers but to try to find a solution together for it and to make people understand each others feelings more.

Use the power of human in you to heal the world

If only the world becomes more understanding!


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