In the eyes of a child

In a kindergarten


What are you doing?

I am praying..when things get hard,mom told me to pray and everything will be okay!

But this is not how we pray!My mom taught me how

How do you pray then?

Do you want me to show you?


*shows prayers steps*

Ahaaa,it’s different from how mommy do it!

How do your mom do it?

You want me to show you my prayer way too?



Thank you for showing me ^^

Wanna share some food now,I feel hungry!

Yess,I feel hungry too!

*The two kids go to eat together*


A conversation between a Muslim and a Christian Kid…did you know which one is the Christian and which one is the Muslim?? They didn’t know and that’s why they end up eating together…why can’t us be like this!

#By Morals We Can be better


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