It’s a new day~



I put my headphones in my ears and waited to see where my day gonna take me,it started like a rope were tighten around my waist and grabbed me gently without knowing to a lovely places,only seen by me…it makes me feel like a whole new person…I had that melody inside my head and pictures from the old past..happy memories’s My memories only mine,and your memories too,no one can take that from you,never!

pictures of young me  running here and there,once holding a doll another sitting to watch my mom cooking with an empty stomach  holding a spoon,waiting for food to prepare..another picture for me older,wearing my new dress passing my room tot he main hall running towards my dad to show him my new dress..”do I look good,dada?” ..”Just like a princess,my dear” it wasn’t actually a question because I already knew the answer.always felt beautiful,always dad made me love what I wear even if it looked bad on me,I always felt good..I always loved buying new clothes just to see that look on my dad’s handsome face,he had that lovely smile,I always loved and mom,while helping me to choose,dressing me and asking if I liked it or not,it seemed like it was heaven !!

why do our memories about our childhood seems like living in a fantasy world..sometimes I find myself asking..”did it really exist??”

It was like small steps towards the future in the early morning while the breeze softly petting your cheek,good morning!!

They say that when you buy a new shoes,it can takes you to a new place you have never seen….so,don’t buy  shoes a lot and wait till you discover the place you found..see where your shoes gonna take you.

You know what I love about new days??..the sun rising in the morning with it’s lovely warm rays embracing earth,removing a light of hope in the darkness of despair

Haa,I’ve talked too much? forgive me,the feelings inside my heart are just that standing in front of a car without fearing to die if you got hit …or throwing yourself from a top of a high mountain without fearing the crush…like listening to a piece of music that makes your soul dancing while your body closing running a long road alone in the morning and enjoying the sound of birds and at the end of it,you find that perfect couple waiting for you,without caring how you look! because all what he\she seeing is actually your beautiful soul look..can people see with their hearts? sometimes it choose the most random people that turn to be the best for us or someone who can teach us the best lessons

Have you ever tried to travel without directions?? without knowing where you must go? lets talk about that on my next post then ^^

Love Y’all ❤




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